Edmund Casey 

Graduation Year: 1942
Induction Year: 2006
Lauded Physician
1st African-American on staff at Bethesda Hospital
President of National Medical Association
U.S. Air Force

Physician, Air Force, 52 years of medical practice, graduate of Meharry Medical College, residency and internship at Cleveland City Hospital.
Dr. Casey served as the first African American on the medical staff at Bethesda Hospital as director of coronary and intensive care. Dr. Casey also served as president of the National Medical Association and was the first African American president of the Cincinnati Academy of Medicine.
Dr. Casey received numerous awards and honorary degrees, including humanitarian awards, such as the Daniel Drake Award. Dr. Casey also served as chairman of the National Advisory Committee for Sickle Cell Anemia, and president of various medical associations. Dr. Casey chaired the National Medical Association delegation to the Peoples Republic of China (1973) and served as president of the National Commission on Certification of Physicians Assistants.

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