Lennon Brown 

Induction Year: 2014
Transformational Principal at Marion High School

In Lennon Brown’s four years as principal of Marion High School, the school has undergone an extraordinary transformation, going from the brink of state takeover to a level of success that has earned statewide and even national attention. The work of students, staff, and community members made this turnaround possible, but Brown’s leadership was a key driving force.
His fearlessness in addressing concerns and his compassion and appreciation for the staff cleared the way for tough decisions and decisive action. Under Brown’s guidance, the administration, faculty, and staff united together to tackle the most difficult issues facing educators today with an "all hands on deck" philosophy.
Brown actively engaged with various advisory committees, giving parents and community members ways to help tackle the challenges and directly contribute to the success of the school. Skyrocketing graduation rates, greater student success on tests, and more college credits earned all proved that the changes were having a real impact on students.
His leadership changed the way business is done at MHS. That legacy will have a lasting impact on the school. But it indeed may be his outrageous sense of humor and his wisdom that people will most remember. He changed the lives of the staff, students, and community members of Marion. And he will always be remembered as the principal who brought back the GIANTS!
It is because of his innovative and distinctive leadership of Marion High School that Brown – despite not being an alumnus of Marion High School – is an honorary inductee into the MHS Hall of Distinction.
Before becoming principal of MHS, Brown served as assistant superintendent for three years and interim superintendent for one at Anderson Community Schools. Prior to that, he served as principal at Anderson Highland High School for 21 years, assistant principal at Anderson High School for six years, and assistant principal at Maurice Robinson Elementary School for one year. He started his career in education as a technology teacher at Central Junior High School (later East Side Middle School), where he taught for six years.
He also served with the U.S. Army in Germany for three years.
Brown has been presented with numerous awards, including the Sagamore of the Wabash, the highest honor given by the governor of Indiana, presented to him in 2013 in acknowledgment of his role in the extraordinary transformation at Marion High School. In 1995 he was named IASP Principal of the Year and NASSP State Principal of the Year.
He earned his bachelor’s degree in technology education from Jackson State University, his master’s degree in educational administration from Ball State University, and his educational specialist degree in superintendency from Ball State University.
As he planned his retirement, Brown reiterated his commitment to the continued well-being and success of Marion High School and pledged his continued support with a simple statement: “Forever a Giant.”

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